Frequently Asked Questions

What does my Spouse or Significant Other need to know about using the Club?

Golf privileges for Spouses and Significant Others of Members conform to the applicable Membership category, subject to generally applicable rules and policies governing weekend/holiday tee times and tournament eligibility. Spouses and Significant Others are eligible to play in the opening (Apple Tree Day) and closing (Saint Andrew’s Day) Tournaments, the Memorial Tournament, Commemorative Tournament, Lizzie/John Reid Tournament, The Red, White and Blue (July 4th) and Founder’s Day Tournament. In addition, Spouses and Significant Others are welcome to play in Twilight Golf events, and are eligible to participate as guests in weekday Member-Guest events, however Members with guests will have priority. Spouses/Significant Others are welcome to invite golf guests, as well.

Spouses and Significant Others are welcome to bring guests at any time to use the bar, deck or dining room.

What are the guest policies?

Members must register all playing guests with the Starter.

For the purpose of the Guest Policies section of these rules, a Member can also be a Spouse or Significant Other of a Member. However, when a Spouse or Significant Other hosts guests, they are still restricted to their allowed tee times.

On Weekends and Holidays, one guest may be introduced at any time and up to three guests after 10:00 a.m. Exceptions to this rule may only be made with prior approval of the Golf Captain. Use of caddies is strongly encouraged. If caddies are available, their use is required on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM, and at all times for any group that includes 2 or more guests or for any unaccompanied guest play. The Golf Committee, with the approval of the Board of Governors, may prescribe additional rules and policies governing the use of caddies by Members and guests.

Guests must play with the Member introducing them unless otherwise approved by the Golf Captain or golf professionals.

Guests may be introduced to the privilege of the Golf Course a maximum of eight (8) times in any calendar year regardless of how many different Members serve as their host. Rounds played prior to April 1 and after November 30th do not count against this maximum.

Guest fees for the 2017 season are: $70 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays; and $95 on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays. Prior to April 1 and after November 30th guest fees are $45 at all times.

Can I send guests to the Club without being present?

Unescorted Guest Policies

A Member who is otherwise entitled to introduce golfing guests may introduce unescorted guests to play the Golf Course. Each group containing unescorted guests is required to take a caddie.

A Member may sponsor an unescorted group to use our golf course and attendant facilities. Member must arrange with the Pro Shop (Golf Professionals) for the date and approximate time the unescorted group will tee off. These arrangements must be completed at least four golf days in advance of the playing time and date. All arrangements must be approved by the Golf Captain in advance and limited to play on weekdays when the course is open to Members. Exceptions can be made only by the Golf Captain in consultation with Golf Professionals.

The Member sponsoring the unescorted group will be responsible for the compliance of each of the guests with all Rules of the Club, including but not limited to appropriate dress, rules of play on the course and appropriate personal conduct throughout the grounds of the Club. Accordingly the Member should be instructing the guests on these matters. In most cases it will only make sense for a Member to arrange for an unescorted group in situations where the Member has a personal relationship with the guests.

The guest fee for unescorted groups will be $180 greens fee per player. In addition, if carts are used, the normal cart fee per player will be charged. A minimum of one caddie will be required to assist the guests with their experience on the golf course.

The sponsoring Member will be charged for and will be responsible for all charges related to golf, caddies, food and beverages. Accordingly a chit may be signed by a guest to be charged to the account of the Member to cover food and beverages, with the caddie fees payable directly by the guest.

Can I use a pull cart?

Pull carts are not allowed on the Golf Course at any time during the golf season (April 1 through November 30th.

When can I walk the course?

Players may carry their own bags at any time on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday and after 2:00 p.m. on Fridays, Weekends and Holidays.

When can my children play?

Children of Members

Saint Andrew’s welcomes the participation of its Members’ children in golf at our Club. We have many programs designed to encourage, teach and foster a positive golf experience for children. If you have specific questions about the best way to introduce the sport of golf to your children, we encourage you to discuss this with our Golf Professionals. Pursuant to By-Laws, Article VI, Section 10, “Children of Members” include only those unmarried dependent children of Members, under the age of 23, living at home with the Member. The following rules apply and programs are available:

Junior Categories, Tee Times and Rules

Access to the Golf Course for Children of Members, ages 5–22, will be available based on a) the Membership status of their parent(s), and b) the junior golfing category assigned to the child. Three different categories are available. Qualifications for the different categories include, but are not limited to: golf ability, maturity, decorum, good sporting behavior, etiquette and an understanding of the Rules of Golf. The specific requirements and procedures will be published by the Golf Professionals each year under the supervision of the Golf Captain.

Children of Weekday, Non-Resident and House/Golf Members

Children of Weekday, Non-Resident and House/Golf Members are subject to the privileges and restrictions of the applicable membership category. Any round of golf played by children of Non-Resident and House/Golf Members will count against the applicable overall round limitation. Children of Weekday, Non-Resident and House/Golf Members are further limited to playing restrictions applicable to all children, as defined elsewhere in these Rules. Such children are not eligible for any special programs, including the Student Elite and College Program. However, such children may participate in Junior Clinics or other Junior instructional programs.

Other Rules, Regulations and Guidelines Applicable to Children of Members

All children are encouraged and expected to carry their own clubs whenever otherwise permitted or required under these rules, or under such other policies the Club may adopt from time to time. In coordination with our Junior programs, it is incumbent that children understand that participation in most competitive events including High School, College and other organized programs require that competitors carry their own clubs. Thus, we want to encourage this behavior.

Children of Members aged fourteen (14)–twenty-two (22) that have an established handicap but are not participants in either the Student Elite or College Program, may play as the Guest in a Member-Guest tournament. In addition, such children, if they meet all additional requirements to compete for Club Champion, may petition the Golf Captain for permission to compete in the Championship Flight of the Club Championship. They may not, however, participate in the Other Flights sections of the Club Championship.

Children may not serve as a caddie unless they have the prior permission of the Head Starter or Golf Professionals. Permission shall be granted only if said child has had prior training and has been observed to understand the responsibilities and etiquette required of a caddie. Child must be fourteen (14) or older in order to caddie.

Children under the age of 5 are not allowed on the Golf Course without direct parental/adult supervision.

The rules concerning the times that children can play on the Golf Course also apply to being a spectator. That is, children are only allowed to be on the Golf Course as either a spectator or a player at the times listed above. Notwithstanding this, all children are welcome as spectators to those Golfing events where there are spectators (e.g., playoffs at the Williamson Member-Member, etc.), subject to appropriate parental/adult supervision of minor children.

No child under the age of 16 is permitted to operate a golf cart.

How does the food minimum work?

Food minimum requirements have been established to encourage Members and guests to frequent our full-service dining facilities. The specific spending requirements can be found in a separate schedule provided to all Members. Minimums are determined based on membership category and are applicable on a monthly basis with the exception of April and May, which are combined. Monthly food minimums cannot be carried over to another month and cannot be transferred to another Member. All meals served to Members and guests in the dining room (including food prepared for take-out) apply toward your monthly food minimum. Beverages in the dining room except for coffee, tea and iced tea do not apply against the food minimum. All items purchased at the halfway house or on the course apply toward your food minimum, with the exception of beer.

What are our Reciprocal Club Privileges?

Saint Andrew’s enjoys special reciprocal relationships with a number of local, regional, national and international Clubs and organizations. These reciprocal arrangements and amenities offer Members and their families a number of unique golf and social opportunities, and are valuable supplements to the membership experience at Saint Andrew’s. Specifics of these arrangements are outlined below.

Reciprocal Social Relationships:

The Carnegie Club at Saint Andrew’s

Members and their families have the option of using the facilities of the “Carnegie Club at Saint Andrew’s.” Located at the top of Saint Andrew’s Way, only a minute from the main Clubhouse, the Carnegie Club offers modern facilities and amenities that include a full-size pool, lounge chairs, umbrellas, lifeguard, tennis court, changing rooms, restrooms and showers, sauna and clubhouse. A la carte food and beverage delivery service is available during normal hours of Club operations, served to Members on the shaded outdoor dining patio overlooking the pool. For a modest fee of $250 per season, Saint Andrew’s Members their family and guests can access the Carnegie Club.

Shenorock Shore Club, Milton Point, Rye, NY

The Shenorock Shore Club offers Members and their families a casually elegant setting for dining, recreation and relaxation in a private and exclusive neighborhood setting on historic Milton Point on Long Island Sound, just 20 minutes away from Saint Andrew’s.

Shenorock offers a beautiful sandy beach, as well as an Olympic-size swimming pool. Saint Andrew’s Members may have use of these facilities Monday through Saturday, except Holidays. Saint Andrew’s Members must notify Shenorock’s office in advance and provide name and account number. No parking sticker is needed, and Shenorock’s office will provide lockers upon request. Saint Andrew’s Members pay Shenorock’s standard guest fees, with no access or other membership fees required. Chits for any activities should be signed with your Saint Andrew’s account number clearly marked. Your monthly Saint Andrew’s Statement will identify all reciprocal charges.

The Penn Club of New York, New York, NY

This wonderful Ivy League social club in the heart of Midtown Manhattan avails the following amenities to each Saint Andrew’s Member and their guests:

  • Full access to The Penn Club’s dining/bar facilities, including a casual Grill Room.
  • Full access, subject to availability, to The Penn Club’s conference and meeting facilities.
  • Full access to overnight room accommodations.
  • Full access to The Penn Club’s fully equipped gym.
  • Full access, subject to availability, of the Club’s spa services.

Prior to your initial visit to the Penn Club, Saint Andrew's Members must contact the Club office and obtain a card that will identify you as a Member in good standing of Saint Andrew's. This card can then be presented to the Penn Club for access to their facilities. You generally do not need a reservation for any dining services. Our Members have the option of paying by credit card at the point of service or signing their Saint Andrew's account number and having all charges billed back to our Club. Saint Andrew's Members are responsible for adhering to the Penn Club rules and attire requirements.

The Indian Harbor Yacht Club

In 2017 Saint Andrew's welcomes the historic Indian Harbor Yacht Club to its family of superb reciprocal clubs. Founded in 1889, Indian Harbor YC has played a leading role in American Yachting throughout its illustrious history. Nestled on the Long Island Sound just a few short blocks south of the Greenwich central business district, this new reciprocal relationship offers a broad array of social amenities as well as access to the Club's highly regarded junior sailing programs, adult sailing instruction and guest moorings.

Additional information on sailing programs and costs will be available shortly.

Reciprocal Golf Relationships:

Saint Andrew’s historic status in the world of golf affords our Members a number of unique, reciprocal golf relationships, both within our local region and abroad.

James Braid Association

James Braid was a celebrated and popular Scottish golf professional of his era. Among his many accomplishments, he won The Open Championship 5 times in the early 1900’s, and was a member of the “Great Triumvirate” of the sport, alongside Harry Vardon and John Henry Taylor. Braid was also an acclaimed golf course designer, credited with the design of over 400 courses throughout the UK.

Saint Andrew’s has the distinct honor of being the only golf club in the United States that is a member of the James Braid Association, an invitation-only group of historic Clubs with golf courses that Braid either designed or remodeled. This affiliation confers upon Saint Andrew’s members’ access and playing privileges at over 200 James Braid Association golf clubs located in Scotland, Ireland and England. This list of Braid Association Clubs includes some of the most historic and venerable private and public golf clubs and courses in the world.

For a listing of James Braid Association Clubs, contact information, reservation procedures and terms, please refer to the Reciprocals section of the primary Member Central landing page of this website.

In addition to the above special reciprocal golf arrangements, and in order to accommodate our Golf Members (certain restrictions apply) when we have an outing or tournament that closes the course, we have certain reciprocal privileges with other local, private clubs that may allow our Members access to their club and Golf Course. Tee times at those clubs must be scheduled by the Pro Shop and cannot be done by a Member directly. It is best to reach out to one of our golf professionals in advance to pursue these arrangements, as last minute arrangements may not be available. Most of these clubs do have starting times, some during the week, so please be sure you adhere to your scheduled time. Please be respectful of their Members and staff, abide by their local rules and customs (ask the Starter if you have any questions) and play at an appropriate pace for their course.

For all reciprocal arrangements you may be charged a greens fee as well as a cart fee. In addition, many clubs have a mandatory caddie policy. In most instances, you may bill your golf, food and drinks to your Saint Andrew’s account, and will be billed directly on your monthly Saint Andrew’s statement.

What is the Club’s cell phone policy?

Unlike many other Clubs, Saint Andrew’s has not adopted an outright prohibition of cell phones and other electronic devices on Club property. However, usage of such devices is strictly limited to certain designated areas set forth below.

These exceptions are intended to provide a measure of flexibility and convenience to Members. However, in consideration of others, Members are encouraged to exercise discretion in using cell phones and electronic devices. If a user of such a device is causing a disturbance or otherwise detracting from the use and enjoyment of the Club by others, the Club’s management reserves the right to require immediate termination of such usage.

Use of cell phones and other electronic devices are not permitted anywhere on Club property, with the following exceptions: (1) in the Men’s and Women’s locker rooms in the main seating areas or discreetly at the lockers; (2) on the Golf Course in out of bounds areas only; (3) in the parking lot (where automobiles are parked); (4) outside the John Reid Room on the uncovered portion of the deck; and (5) in designated offices/changing rooms of the Apple Tree Golf Learning Center (but not in the hitting bays, lounge or common areas). Cell phones should be set on vibrate at all times while on Club property. Please limit all use of cell phones and other electronic devices while playing golf.

How am I billed and what is the best way to pay my bills?

Each member will be sent an itemized statement of all charges at the end of each month. It will be sent electronically from the Club Controller. An electronic payment system has been established or you can write a check. We do not accept cash. Credit card payments are possible, however, the 5% bank fee is passed on to the Member.

What is the Club’s Dress Code Policy?

Members are expected to observe this code at all times, and are responsible for ensuring similar observance by their family members and guests.

The following attire is not permitted at Saint Andrew’s Golf Club at any time: (a) workout clothes of any kind, including but not limited to, sweat pants and shirts; (c) sports jerseys, including but not limited to, basketball or football jerseys; (d) basketball shorts, gym shorts, or other athletic or work out shorts; (e) men’s shirts without collars (turtlenecks and shirts of a style sold in the pro shop are permitted); and, (f) golf shorts more than four inches above the knee. Notwithstanding these restrictions, workout clothes may be worn in the Saint Andrew’s Fitness Center and when traveling to or from the locker rooms to use the Center.

On the Golf Course, players are expected to wear slacks or shorts (no more than four (4) inches above the knee); collared shirts or turtlenecks (including mock turtlenecks); and golf shoes. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Golf caps shall be worn with bills facing forward. In general, everyone on the Golf Course is expected to dress in a neat and appropriate manner. Sloppy or untidy attire is not permitted. Jeans or denim of any kind, cargo pants and shorts with exterior pockets are never permitted on the Golf Course.

On Fridays only, conforming jeans/denim may be worn throughout the day at the Club, as follows: upon arrival or departure and, while at the Club, in the locker rooms, John Reid Room, on the deck (both covered and uncovered portions), in the Pro Shop and administrative offices, and in the social areas of the Golf Learning Center.

What is the Club’s Tipping Policy?

Saint Andrew’s maintains a comprehensive no-tipping policy, which applies broadly to services provided to Members, their families and guests by golf operations, locker room, dining room, bar and other service staff. No Member may offer, and no Club employee may accept, a tip or gratuity. The only exception to this policy is that caddies may receive tips from Members for services rendered.

In lieu of tips, all Members are charged a mandatory annual fee (sized as a percentage of their annual dues), as well as an administrative charge on actual dining and bar consumption. These funds are distributed by the Club to golf operations, locker room, bar, dining, kitchen, clubhouse, administrative and other service staff periodically throughout the year. In addition, and at their sole discretion, Members may make voluntary contributions, at year-end and/or at any other time throughout the year, to fund additional distributions by the Club to the staff. All such contributions must be provided to the Club Administrator, and never directly to any employee.

Does the Club have a caddie program?

Members are encouraged to use caddies. If available, caddies are required on Saturdays and Sundays between the hours of 8:30 AM and 10:00 AM, and at all times for any group that includes 2 or more guests. Caddies must be arranged through the Starter or Golf Professionals. If a Member would like to use a caddie who is not part of the Saint Andrew’s caddie contingent (including other Members acting as a caddie), the Member must first obtain permission from the Starter or Golf Professionals. All caddies are expected to observe the Saint Andrew's Caddie Code of Conduct, which describes in detail the Club's expectations of all of its caddies.